Volleyball Club

Club Policies

Buckeye Volleyball Club Rules & Policies

While representing Buckeye Volleyball Club, all athletes are expected to behave in a responsible manner.  Determination of what is responsible lies solely with Buckeye Volleyball Club.  Any Athlete damaging equipment owned by Buckeye Volleyball Club or any facility used by the Club during practices, tournaments, other functions, or a lodging facility will need to repair damages or reimburse the Club for damages in a timely manner (usually within one (1) week) before continuing participation in the Club.  In some cases, the athlete may be dismissed from the Club.

Athlete's Account

- An athlete with a delinquent account during the current season may be denied participation in tournaments or practices until the account is paid or arrangements are made with the Club Director.   

- The athlete's current season's account must be paid in full before the athlete may participate in any tournaments.  

​- Delinquent accounts may also disallow membership for the next season.  

​- Club fees are non-refundable.

​- You are financially liable for the total cost upon written commitment to Buckeye Volleyball Club. 

Practice Rules

- Scheduled practice time is start time and not arrival time.  Plan on arriving at least 15 minutes prior to the start of each practice.  There may be a consequence for arriving late to practice and competitions (e.g., impact to playing time).  

- Volleyball shoes are to be carried into practice and tournaments and only worn for practice and tournaments.  They are never to be worn outside!  This is to ensure that the shoes last longer and our facility surfaces remain clean and safe. 

​- "Horseplay" by athletes or coaches at practice or tournaments is strictly prohibited.  

​- All athletes are expected to make every effort to attend every practice.  Only a serious illness that keeps the athlete home from school or a genuine family emergency are legitimate excuses for missing practice. 

​- Regardless of the reason, if an athlete misses practice, their playing time may be affected. If an athlete cannot be at practice, either the athlete or a parent is expected to call the coach, before the start of practice. 

​- Athletes are encouraged to bring water, in an unbreakable container, to practices or tournaments.  Absolutely no glass containers are allowed in the gym. 

​- In case of inclement weather, check with the coach for practice status.

Tournament Rules

- All athletes are expected to be in the gym, ready to warm-up, at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time (as determined by the coach).

 - Athletes and/or parents are expected to provide transportation to and from tournament sites.

 - Athletes are not to leave the tournament site until excused by the coach.

​- If an athlete cannot be at a tournament, the athlete is expected to call the coach as soon as possible.  It is the athlete's responsibility to reach the coach before tournament starts.

​- Proper conduct is expected from all athletes, coaches, parents and fans at all times.


Officiating is the shared responsibilities of the entire team.  All Buckeye Volleyball Club athletes are required to attend a scorekeeper clinic and help with line judging, scorekeeping, score flipping and officiating.  Coaches will establish a procedure for officiating assignments for their respective teams.  Every athlete is expected and required to remain in the gym until the entire team is dismissed from the facilities.

Playing Other Sports

​Buckeye Volleyball Club believes an athlete's total dedication is essential for team success.  This means that missed practices could result in forfeiture of playing time.  Playing time for athletes is based on attendance, attitude, performance, the athlete's potential, the team's needs at the moment, and the team's needs in the future.

​School Sports and activities are an integral part of a scholastic experience.  However, it is recommended that if an athlete is going to miss more than 20% of practices due to other obligations, those families should reconsider participation in this volleyball program.  Missing significant amount of practices does not make it cost effective for the families, and makes it very difficult to build team chemistry and team cohesion at a competitive level.

If an athlete participates in another sport, Buckeye Volleyball Club expects her to make the Club team a priority when there is a conflict between the two sports.  This means that Buckeye Volleyball Club expects the athlete to attend all practices, unless there is a scheduled competition for the other sport at the same time as the scheduled practices.

If a volleyball tournament conflicts with another sport competition, the coach and the athlete will decide, on a case-by-case basis.


Playing Time

We do not guarantee equal playing time on any team or at any event.  Buckeye Volleyball Club's philosophy is that its coaches are the best qualified and equipped individuals to make 'playing time' decisions.  Playing time decision is left solely to the discretion of the Buckeye Volleyball Club coach.  The "coaching decision" is not up for debate or question.  Athletes are encouraged to ask what they can improve on to get more playing time.

 Playing time for athletes is determined by:
• attendance
• attitude
• effort
• performance
• athlete's potential
• team's need at the moment
• team's needs in the future


Grievance Procedures

Competitive team athletics, by its very nature, creates an environment where athletes, parents and/or coaches may not be in agreement with all decisions made.  Knowing when and how to communicate with the coach or Club Director is a concern for almost every parent at some time during the season.  Most often the concern is how to inquire about issues surrounding playing time.

At Buckeye Volleyball Club, the grievance process that athletes and parents must follow is based on over 11 years of experience in this area.

Athletes are first encouraged to communicate with their coaches.  Athletes are expected to discuss issues concerning playing time or any other volleyball related subject with their coaches first before escalation is needed.  Parents are encouraged to communicate with the Club Director only after exhausting all the recourses to resolve the problem.

Coaches are instructed not to discuss 'coaching decisions' with parents.  These 'coaching decisions' include but are not limited to playing time, substitution patterns, team line-up decisions, etc.  Coaches are not required to defend his/her thought process or conclusions at any time during the season.

Coaches are instructed not to engage in controversial discussions during tournaments.  If a coach is approached during a tournament, he/she has been instructed to: refuse to discuss any controversial matter; to refer the parent to the Club Director and to walk away from the situation.

Parents and Athletes are asked to adhere to the following grievance process: 

1.  The Athlete meets with the coach to discuss the matter.  If the matter is not  resolved or the athlete has a reasonable concern about speaking to the coach, then...

2.  The parent meets with the coach to discuss the matter.  If the matter is not resolved or the parent has reasonable concern about speaking to the coach, then...

3.  The parent meets with the Club Director.  In certain situations, the Club Director may ask either the coach or athlete (or both) to attend the meeting.

4.  All decisions and recommendations by Buckeye Volleyball Club and the Club director are final and not subject to appeal.

The recommended time for a parent and/or athlete to meet with a coach is immediately after a scheduled practice.

It is inappropriate for an athlete or a parent to approach other Buckeye Volleyball Club members about a problem the athlete or a parent is having with a coach, about objections to coaching, or administrative decisions.  For the psychological health of the teams and the Club as a whole, grievances must be handled via the Grievance process outline above.

The Buckeye Volleyball Club strongly promotes fairness and believes in open communication.  All issues and concerns are immediately addressed with the athlete's well being in mind.


Buckeye Volleyball Club Tolerance Policy

Buckeye Volleyball Club does not tolerate hostile, aggressive confrontations between a parent and any official, another parent, a coach, another athlete, or another team's representative (including coach, athlete or parent).  Violation of this policy may result in the athlete being dismissed from Buckeye Volleyball Club without refund.


Automatic Expulsion

Buckeye Volleyball Club will automatically dismiss an athlete or parent if any of the following occurs:

• Smoking at any of the practice locations
• Using alcohol or drugs at any time during an official function (i.e., practice, tournament, meeting, etc.)
• Leaving lodging premises without notifying coach and without a chaperone
• Having boys in the room (other than relative) or inappropriate public display of affection
• Approaching a coach, athlete or any other club member in an inappropriate manner at any official function
• Having more than 8 absences (subject to Club Director Review)
• Failing to pay the club fees
• Damaging equipment owned by Buckeye Volleyball club or any facility used by the Club during practices, tournament, other functions, or a lodging facilities and not reimbursing the Club in a timely manner (usually within one (1) week)