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 Founded in 1997, Buckeye Volleyball Club provides an opportunity for young athletes to maximize their potential in the sport of volleyball. Guided by this philosophy, Buckeye Volleyball Club has established one of the most successful junior volleyball programs benefitting thousands of players, and is recognized as one of the most respected clubs in Ohio Valley Region.  In 2018 Buckeye Volleyball Club received the OVR Club Director of the year award

At Buckeye Volleyball Club, teamwork, sportsmanship, and a positive attitude are expected from every player and coach.  These are essential steps to success!

                   We are honored to be one of 50 clubs in the country
                  sponsored by NIKE!

                                               Stephen Yates
                    Special message to players, families,
                              coaches, and friends.


2019 Season Highlights
-14 First Place OVR Gold Championships
-6 teams ranked in the top 10 OVR Rankings
-14 teams ranked in the top 30 OVR Rankings

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14 Red American - 3rd Gold

President's Cup - Cincinnati 2/16/2020

14 Scarlet Elite - 3rd Gold

President's Cup - Cincinnati 2/16/2020

15 Red American - 2019

15 Red American - 2nd Gold

President's Cup - Columbus 2/17/2019

13 Red American - 3rd Gold

President's Cup - Cincinnati 2/17/2029


13 Red American - Champions

Buckeye - Newark 3/7/2020

Buckeye Volleyball Club





Club Team Families

In the future, we would prefer that you register for clinics, training, tryouts through your account so we can link the player with the event. You'll be able to view when payments are due and the amount as well as make payments conveniently through PayPal right from your account area.