Volleyball Club

Our Beginning


It all started with a daughter...

"Why don't you start a club?"


When Steve Yates's teenage daughter asked that question, he had no idea just how serious she was.  His 6th grade daughter missed tryouts, but was eager to play her second year of club.  After a couple "pie-in-the-sky" conversations, and an 8AM call from a high school coach (standing with his business savvy teenager), the girls junior volleyball branch of Buckeye Volleyball Club was born. 


​​A small team was formed, and within a few years Buckeye Volleyball Club was regarded as one of the most respected and competitive clubs in the Ohio Valley Region. 


Now, 23 years later, Buckeye is home to over 62 teams and captured Numerous tournament championships over the last few season. Buckeye Volleyball Club now works out of two facilities located in Columbus, Ohio and Newark, Ohio.   In 2014, Nike became the main sponsor of Buckeye Volleyball Club.  This volleyball affiliation is one of only 50 in the United States.  Athletes are outfitted each year in the newest apparel offered by Nike.  


​...and it's all possible because a few girls just wanted to play.

Our Philosophy



The Buckeye Volleyball Club mission is to promote fairness, good sportsmanship, and a learning environment for all athletes.  It's the Club's responsibility to promote the sport of volleyball, and to provide quality training and support development for our young athletes.



Buckeye Volleyball Club is committed to providing athletes with the best possible opportunities to develop and improve their playing standards through high-quality practices and high-level competition.  The Club believes in helping young athletes achieve their potential, and advance to the highest level of performance in high school and college.  At Buckeye Volleyball Club, teamwork, sportsmanship, and a positive attitude are expected from every player and coach. 


Our Facilites


The Buckeye Volleyball Center - Columbus has been home to Buckeye Volleyball Club for 12 seasons.  We are located at 6810 Oak Creek Drive, Columbus OH 43229.

Buckeye Volleyball Center has 5 full size volleyball courts, and is the largest volleyball-only facility in Central Ohio.​

Buckeye Volleyball Center-Newark has just opened up for the 2018 season.  We have just completed second successful season.  

Located at 1845 W. Main St. Newark, Ohio 43055

Buckeye Volleyball Center in Newark has 4 full size sport courts.  We are excited about this location as their are many opportunities for this location.

Both of our locations are under Buckeye Volleyball Club and we run teams out of both locations.

Buckeye Volleyball Club - Columbus Facility

Buckeye Volleyball Club - Newark Facility

Newark Pic.JPG